One of the unlikely stars of the show for many people on their visits’ to Kaikoura. A constant favourite of our guides here at Seal Kayak Kaikoura, the breathtaking size and grace of these magnificent birds is a sight to behold. A lesser common spotted species on our tours, but if you get lucky enough to lay your eyes on one of these birds from a kayak it’s something that you will remember forever.

  • 14 species of albatross visit the Kaikoura oceanic area (5 species of greater and 9 species of lesser albatross)
  • Wandering albatross and the Southern royal have the largest wingspan of any bird at a whopping 3.6m long
  • The only place where albatross breed on mainland NZ is on Tairoa head in Dunedin.
  • Are usually always seen off the coast of Kaikoura, occasionally coming in closer to land to search for food.
  • Seal kayak Kaikoura has witnessed both albatross and giant petrel wrestling seals for kahawai that they are ripping up.
  • Albatross migrated all the way from NZ over to South America and back making it one of the great bird migrations.
  • When young great Albatross fledge and finally leave their nest for their first flight, they will not return to land for between 2-5 years until they are sexually mature and ready to mate and have young all of their own.

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