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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cancellation policy?

Customers will receive a full refund or credit with 24 hours’ notice of cancellation. Customers will also receive a full refund or credit in case of cancellation by Seal Kayak Kaikoura due to weather or any unforeseen circumstances.

What happens if the weather is bad on the day?

If the weather is unsuitable or unsafe for kayaking then we will strive to inform you as far ahead of time as possible. If you are staying in the area, we will aim to give you a priority booking to jump on an earlier or later tour at your convenience. If we have to cancel your tour due to the weather then we will provide you with a full refund.

Are these foot pedal or hand paddling kayaks?

Our amazing Hobie Oasis Mirage drive pedal kayaks are an innovative design that make pedalling the kayak with our feet the most efficient and enjoyable way to experience the beauty of the Kaikoura landscape and wildlife. We also carry hand paddles to allow our clients the option to use their arms but with the vast diversity of wildlife this is usually occupied by a camera or phone. Over 99% of our clients opt for the foot pedal system over the hand paddle.

What do I need to take out on a tour?

Seal Kayak tours - long or short sleeve top, shorts or light pants (quick drys), sandals, jandals, or thongs, camera/phone, sunglasses and a cap, drinking water.

Sunset seal kayak tour - the same as the seal kayak tour but a light fleece also.

We will provide you with a waterproof spray jacket and also waterproof spray pants to if necessary.

I have never kayaked before, is this still suitable?

Yes definitely. Our pedal kayaks are perfectly suited to both first timers and seasoned pros. Our guides will give comprehensive instructions on how to use the kayaks and keep you feeling comfortable whilst out on the water to.

If I’m travelling alone can I still join a tour?

Of course! We will either pair you up with one of our wonderful guides or another solo person on the tour. We have many people join our tours who are on their own and end up making awesome friends and memories.

Do I need to book in advance?

It’s always best to book in advance to secure your spot, especially during the summer months (December, January February). We will always do our best to accommodate you last minute so don’t be shy and give us a call on 0272610124 or call in to see us at 18 Beach rd Kaikoura.

What is the age minimum for tours?

For our seal kayak tours, we have an age minimum of 3 years and for our sunset tours an age minimum of 7 years. We have no maximum age limit so make sure you bring your parents and grandparents to join in on the fun to.

Do I have to be of a certain fitness level for these kayaks?

Our Hobie Oasis Pedal kayaks offer the perfect blend of recreation and adventure, meaning we cater for all fitness levels. Whether you’re a child or adult our team will provide you with all the information you need to make this a fantastic trip on the water. Pedal kayaking utilises the larger leg muscles allowing you to travel faster and further whilst conserving more energy. So, what are you waiting for -jump on a tour today!

What can we expect to see?

On all our guided tours we have a 100% success rate of viewing the New Zealand fur seal (Kekeno).  With Kaikoura being the seabird capital of the world, we also have chance encounters with albatross, petrels, shearwaters, gannets and shags.

Blue penguins are also a common occurrence on our tours. Kaikoura hosts a vast diversity of marineland so you never know what you might see when kayaking with Seal kayak Kaikoura.

Is there Parking available?

Outside our office at 18 Beach rd Kaikoura all of the on-street parking is free.

Why choose Seal kayak Kaikoura?
  • Being the only operators of Pedal Kayak tours in New Zealand we truly believe that we provide the best wildlife viewing experience in the country.
  • We are now the TripAdvisor number 1 rated out of 21 boat and water sport activity in Kaikoura! https://www.tripadvisor.co.nz/Attraction_Review-g255374-d6628046-Reviews-Seal_Kayak_Kaikoura-Kaikoura_Canterbury_Region_South_Island.html
  • The most non-invasive and sustainable way to view the New Zealand fur seal in its natural environment.
  • Our guides are a reflection of the amazing environment they guide in. Hugely passionate about the natural Kaikoura environment they will keep you both safe and entertained throughout the duration of your tour.
  • Be sure to make your visit to Kaikoura a memorable one and book today with Seal Kayak Kaikoura
Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

In any adventure activity, there is an element of risk involved. Risks in undertaking this activity include marine animals, hypothermia, injury, collision with another vessel, drowning, seasickness, wind burn, dehydration, sunburn, physical strains and emotional stress.

The staff and management of Seal Kayak Kaikoura are dedicated to your safety. We take all practical steps to identify and minimise potential dangers, ensuring your adventure is as safe as possible.
You'll need to play your part while we do our best to ensure your safety. You must follow our instructions and always use the safety equipment provided. This is your responsibility and is essential for your safety. Adults accompanying anyone under 18 must ensure that the Underage person always follows our instructions.

A commercial sea kayaking operation has caused no deaths in NZ. Seal Kayak Kaikoura is proud of its safety management system and clear record of Accidents/incidents over the past 10 years of operation. 

While Seal Kayak Kaikoura will take every care and precaution possible, we accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to the customer’s personal effects.

We reserve the right to cancel or alter the services and products described on our websites or other promotional literature without prior notice. Seal Kayak Kaikoura Reserves the right to alter trip times and prices during the season.


Medical/health conditions

I will let the staff of Seal Kayak Kaikoura (or will, before doing the activity) know about any medical conditions, previous injuries, and any medication I am currently taking which may affect my ability to do the activity. I confirm that I am physically fit and can participate in the activities and have not been advised otherwise by a qualified medical person. I consent to receive any medical treatment that Seal Kayak Kaikoura may deem necessary for injury, accident, or illness while undertaking the activities. I understand it is my responsibility to disclose any conditions (health or otherwise) that may affect the safety and enjoyment of myself and those around me.

Refund policy

We understand that travel plans vary due to illness, accidents, and people changing their minds. We ask our clients to understand that we may have turned away some customers who could not book due to limited spaces. We will also incur expenses in processing enquiries and bookings. Finally, we have learned to respect the sea and New Zealand weather and not to take unnecessary risks. We will refund you if Seal Kayak Kaikoura cancels a trip due to bad weather.


If a customer cancels within 48 hours of the day of departure, a 50% cancellation fee will be incurred. No refund will be provided if a cancellation is made within 24 hours of departure or for any no-show.

Travel Insurance

We advise all clients to consider arranging travel insurance for adventure Tourism. Under all circumstances, the client is solely responsible for their personal equipment.



Safety commitment policy

At Seal Kayak Kaikoura, we recognise our responsibility to manage the health and safety of staff, participants, and visitors to our workplace. We will take all practical steps to ensure their health and safety. We will ensure that everyone complies with the requirements of our Safety Management Systems, and we will continually improve our health and safety management.

The operations manager at Seal Kayak Kaikoura is responsible for approving all policies related to our safety management system and compliance.

Our commitment to safety includes the following:

The OperationsManager/Supervisor will:

Comply with relevant Health and Safety legislation
Identify and assess all hazards in the workplace.
Control all significant hazards.
Be proactive in controlling new hazards.
Provide Health and Safety training and supervision.
Allow staff to elect health and safety representatives and be involved in the hazardous management process.
Support injured staff in returning to work safely and as early as possible.
Regularly review Health and Safety policies and goals.
Actively support employee consultation and participation in the promotion of safe working practices.
Support continuous improvements in Health and Safety and ensure management clearly understands Health and Safety management issues in their roles.


Check-in: Please arrive at 18 Beach Road Kaikoura at least 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time.


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