Family Fun For Everyone

Guided Family Kayaking

Family Pedal Kayaking is the best!!! Your kids are going to love how easy it is to use the pedals kayaking around our amazing peninsula and viewing the NZ Fur Seal. Each child will have an adult right behind them for safe and enjoyable hands - free kayaking.

Age and Ability 

These kayaks are great for all ages 2+ for families with kids age 6 and under will also have a private guide to themselves. These kayaks are very easy to use and are great for first time kayakers and young children.

Great Family Photos

Great for family photos, your guide will take plenty of photos with your personal camera for no extra charge. 

Tour Times

Tour times: 9:30am, 1:30pm and the sunset tour 6:30pm. Tour times can vary due to weather and sunlight hours. We recommend the morning tour for children as conditions are usually calmer with plenty of marine life.

Our family of 3 including a 5 year old did a pedal kayak with Levi & Ryan this morning & had an awesome time! 

We’ve kayaked a number of times in traditional kayaks but the pedal kayaks were so great - easy & fun, you still got some exercise but your hands are free to take photos & the seats are supported & super comfy compared to a normal kayak! The guys were lovely & so nice spending time with people who have grown up in Kaikoura & love it so much.

Their groups are small which added a lot to the experience - we crossed paths with another much larger group & I was so glad we weren’t with them.

The wildlife we saw was breathtaking, seals, dolphins, penguins...& we were lucky enough to watch a seal eating an octopus which was quite a show.

Huge recommendation for Levi & team - it’s easy, fun & a beautiful experience